Types of Communications

Self-Action or One-Way Communication

This kind of communication is focused in getting the message to the receiver, it is very message centric. Self-action treats communication as a manipulation of others. There is no way to know if the meaning is shared between the sender and the receiver.



Interaction or Two-Way Communication

This approach recognizes the role of the receiver as a communicator through feedback. It is message centered and is a very simplistic view of the communication process. Feedback allows senders to see if their message got across.




This approach focuses on meaning and sharing by accounting for all other factors in the communication process. It is concerned with the barriers that might affect the communication. Transaction is best described as effective communication. This is when the communication process is applied and carried out completely. The sender gives a message that is passed on to the receiver. In return, the receiver can give clear feedback that allows the sender to know whether or not the message was perceived as intended. If the message wasn’t received as intended, then the sender will continue the communication process again in order to ensure effective communication.


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  1. Types of Communications this article so informative. Interaction or Two-Way Communication and Self-Action or One-Way Communication so effective points. Thanks for sharing this article.

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