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My goal is to provide all the aspirants help in getting all the management notes in one site, be it finance, marketing or human resource.  I know it is difficult to prepare notes with all the extra activities and presentation, and all the crazy stuff we are tied up with while doing MBA.

Hope you find our blog helpful.

You can contact us at relivingmbadays@gmail.com for any information.


Mubina Kazi

(Owner of the Blog)


6 responses

  1. This has been a big help for me, Thanks. Its a surprise nobody else has left any feed back. You should compile and write your own book! I would like one.

  2. Omg thanks for the Website I like the on piece marketing I just got out of highschool and want to get into marketing and your article really help out, my question to you guys what book do you guys recommend for a beginners like me. Could you guys also tell me how hard it is to get a job in that field and what college classes I need to take . Thanks Fredi

    1. Marketing is the blood of every organization, so getting a job in the field of marketing is not that difficult. Infact if you see around most of the CEO have started their career in marketing.

      Philip Kotler’s book is a very good book, you can refer that.

  3. Many explanations have been given by very eminent people at various for a regarding the strategic success among the best brains. But why employees continue to lack vis-a-vis skils sought by companies

  4. wow… perfectly answered… i must say you have done a heck of a job preparing these notes and making it available for students like us who starts reading just two days before the exam… thanx a ton!!

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