Types of Research Design

Researches can be classified according to Purpose or Stage in the Decision-Making Process; it is claimed that the research purpose or stage in the decision-making process, determines the characteristics desired in the research design (Silverman, 2005)

Research Design is broadly classified into three broad categories:

Research Designs

The choice of the most appropriate research design depends largely on the objective of the research and how much is known about the problems and these objectives.

Almost all marketing research projects include exploratory and descriptive research. How much of each is necessary depends mostly on how much managers already know about the issue to be studied. When a decision problem has arisen from unplanned changes in the environment, there is usually a need for exploratory research to better understand what is happening and why it is happening. Sometimes, however, managers know a lot about the situation—they understand the key issues and know what questions need  to be asked—and the focus quickly shifts to descriptive research that is geared more toward providing answers than generating initial insights.

Relationship between the three researches

Research Designs 02

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