Sales Objective, Strategies and Tactics

Sales managers are guided by strategic planning at company level and at marketing level, when they plan sales plan consisting of sales objective, sales strategies and tactics or action plans. The relation between objectives, strategies and tactics is shown in the below diagram:

Sales Tactics

Sales Objectives

Objectives are statement of intents and when they are quantified to specific and measurable targets with respect to time periods, they are called goals. For example, a company’s sales objective is quantified to a sales goal of 15% growth in sales to be achieved in next financial year.

The sales objectives are derived from companies marketing objectives and goals, which in turn depend upon company’s objective or goals.

Sales Strategies and Tactics

Strategies include ways of achieving objectives and tactics(or action plans) are the activities or action plans that should be carried out in order to achieve implement the strategy. The sales strategies are mostly related to sales force strategies. Some of t he strategies can be:

  1. Enter export markets
  2. Penetrate domestic rural markets
  3. Utilize existing sales force optimally
  4. Use effective and efficient channels

Below table gives an example of Objective, Strategy and Tactics

Sales Objective


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