Criteria for Managerial Appraisal

There are multiple perspectives for managers appraisal, the most fundamental requirements for any appraiser is that appraiser has also adequate time and chances to observe the job performance of their subordinates. This requirement suggests several possible appraiser. (These are above, below, coequals and customers).

The Immediate Supervisor
Supervisor is the person who is taking care of the own job and actually knowing who all are performing and how they are performing because the person who is directly observing the performance of his subordinates, so he must carry out the appraisal of his own subordinates.

In some jobs such as outside sales in some environment such as self-manage work teams, the immediate supervisor may observe a subordinates actual job performance only rarely (indirectly through written reports).Peers can provide a perspective on performance that is different from that of immediate supervisor. So the peer assessment is the best approach through which performance of an individual is being judged by incorporating input from all resources.

Appraisal by subordinates can be a use full input to the immediate supervisors’ developments, subordinates know first hand the extent to which the supervisor actually delegates and how well he or she communicate the type of leadership style, plan and organize the work. The progress of an establishment is directly related to all this. So, upper manger get the reports about the supervisors through various means.

Self-appraisal is opportunity to participate in the performance appraisal process particularly if the appraisal is combined with the goal setting improves the rate’s motivation and reduces his or her defensiveness during the appraisal interview. The different procedure is being adopted by the various organizations but actual it’s difficult for a person to assess his own performance. This techniques may be used by some of senior executive may not be adopted commonly for all employees.

Customers Served
In some situations “consumers” of an individual or organization s services can provide a unique perspective of on job performance. Although the consumers objective can be different from the organizations, yet the information provided help the management to observe and develop the overall performance of the organization and it employees.

As noted earlier, employee spends a lot of time unsupervised by their bosses. Now technology has made continuous supervision possible to look after this very aspect comprehensively.


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