Problems in Tapping Rural Markets

While the rural market of India certainly offers a big attraction to marketers, it would be totally naive to think that any firm can easily enter the market and walk away with a sizeable share of it. A firm seeking a share of this market has to work for it, as the market bristles away with a variety of problems. The enterprise has to grapple with these problems and find innovative solutions to them. In fact, only because a few pioneering firms correctly understand these problems and came up with innovative solutions to them, that we now see a wonderful trend of growth in rural markets.

What are these problems? How are they peculiar to the rural market? And how does a firm solve them?

The existing problems in rural marketing are:

  1. Physical Distance
  2. Language/Culture
  3. Accessibility
  4. Money/Expensive
  5. Lack of Human Resource
  6. Competition
  7. Technology
  8. Rules & Regulation
  9. Lack of Information
  10. Size of the Market
  11. Buying Power
  12. Image

The solution to these problems is four fold

rural marketing


We will look at each one of these in detail


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