Evolution of Sales Department

As described by Richard (2001), before the Industrial revolution the small scale industries were the leaders of the market and selling the products / services was not much of a problem. More emphasis was given on manufacturing activities. The orders were in hand before the actual manufacturing process of those orders had started. Meeting the demand was a major problem.

In many firms a small team used to supervise all the business activities. There was no need of separate teams for different functions like selling, marketing and manufacturing. All the tasks were performed by the team or sometimes, by a couple of individuals. Most of the time was spend on manufacturing. It was an ideal situation for most of the firms not to bother about the marketing and selling activities until the Industrial revolution began.

With the Industrial revolution, which began in 1760 in England and shortly after the American Revolution, in United States, the companies had started to focus on the expansion of their territory by finding new market places.

Factories were producing huge quantities of goods with the improved technology and machinery. The production process had become simple and now the main problem was what to do with excess surplus after meeting the domestic demand in nearby markets. The situation demanded for the expansion of their presence in new markets, crossing the boundaries of the cities, countries & continents.

With increasing presence in many countries, it became difficult to manage all the departments by a single individual as was the case before the industrial revolution. The size and volume of business had increased to such an extent that it became necessary to delegate the authority to others. This process encouraged in establishment of various functional units like manufacturing, finance, marketing etc. Each and every department was to function independently and be supervised by a separate authority.

The creation of the marketing department has solved the problem of understanding the market place & helped in performing all activities to improve the market dominance of the products. With increasing markets and customers various sales divisions were setup.

A revolution in the shopping habits of the people across the entire world, which has virtually brought the supermarket to the main street.

The revolution is unparallel in human history as it has engendered the development of a distribution system that delivers food and other products to the unprecedented abundance, variety and quality. It has gone through its natural process of evolution in all area from the initial concept of the supermarket and department store to the shopping mall as it exists today.


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