Model of Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior is all about how individuals make decisions to spread their available resources on consumption related products. What, When, where, why, how often they buy, how often they use it.

Without understanding the rural market penetration it is very complex. CB involves examining individuals, groups or organizations or processes they use to acquire and organize information to make purchase decisions


Need recognition

A rural customer first recognizes his needs and accordingly thinks of purchasing the products. This is the first step in the Simple Decision Making Model. Examples: Ramlal, Sarpanch of Sonawani District, wants to purchase a colour TV.

Pre-purchase Search

Once there is need recognition, the next step is to do a pre-purchase search. EX: consider the earlier example, Ramlal may go to a nearby city and visit a showroom that has multiple products.

Evolution of alternatives

The third step is to basically to pick up the best alternative from the available options. EX: Ramlal may look for the products of Videocon, Onida, and LG that are available with the dealer and may finally select one of them.

Purchase decision

This is the action that results in the purchase of the product from among available alternatives. The customer may plan to purchase a specific product that suits his needs and is within his budget. EX: Ramlal may plan to go for LG’s Sampoorna colour TV, as it has a vernacular on-screen display, better sound and superior picture quality. Besides, it is priced at only Rs. 8,500.

Post-purchase behaviour: 

This is the final step in the Model of Consumer Behaviour. The buyer’s relationship with the seller does not come to an end with the purchase, especially in the case of commodities like consumer durables. This is not an important factor for FMCG. EX: Ramlal may see whether LG has a service centre nearby, in the event of the product needing servicing


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