Twenty Thirteen: Resolutions

Resolutions for Twenty Thirteen

1. More Notes Covering Many More Subjects

This year I will try and cover more subjects of MBA studies to reach out to all the students, to fulfil my goal of notes under one roof, and enable my followers to concentrate on their projects, assignments and career building activities. Leaving notes to this blog

2. Advertising and Marketing of my Blog, which I didn’t do last year.

My blog achieved 25k hits in six months of 2012 with absolute negligible promotions, which for me  is a big achievement. 2013 will be the year of promoting by blog big time via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to get more students to make my blog a bigger success.

3. Customized eBooks (containing Topics as requested by YOU)

Mid you 2013, I will start publishing eBooks on which the work has already begun, the distinct feature will be customized notes. You’ll can request the topics you’ll want on the eBook and the same will be complied and mail to you.

This is still in progress, however this is something for premium readers the logistics are still being worked on.

4. Buying a dedicated domain for relivingmbadays

By Last quarter of  2013 I aim to move to a dedicate domain for my blog, it will still be on wordpress hosted domain, as I have become a fan of wordpress, it really offers great services.



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