Charms of Being an Entrepreneur

The most exciting part of Entrepreneurship is that you are your own master. When you are an employee, you work for others according to their plans, whims and finances. In an Entrepreneurship, it is you who set the goal, plan the action and reap the satisfaction and rewards of having achieved the goal.

Why should you become an Entrepreneur?

You will be your own boss and boss to other people and make decisions that are crucial to the business success or failure.

You will make money for yourself rather than for someone else.

You may participate in every aspect of running a business and learn and gain experience in a variety of disciplines.

You will have the chance to work directly with your customers.

You will have the personal satisfaction of creating and running a successful business.

You will be able to work in a field of area that you really enjoy.

You will have the chance to build retirement value.

Rewards for an Entrepreneur

1. Freedom to work.

2. Satisfaction of being own boss.

3. Power to do things as he likes.

4. Rewards of ownership and retirement assurance.

5. Respect of family and friends.

Penalties for an Entrepreneur

1. Constraints of financiers, laborers, customers, suppliers, and debtors curtail his freedom.

2. Frustration due to availability of limited capital and other resources.

3. Social and family life is affected due to hard long hours of working.

4. Frustration due to non-achievement of full objectives.

5. Risk of failure.


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