Brand Command

Brand command is a customer-based approach of measuring brand equity. Brand command is also defined as the command or the respect, which the brand shares in the market in competition with other brands in the same category.

Brand command is not achieved instantly. The impact of any brand depends on proper segmentation and thereafter targeting.

Advertising is one of the major factors, which determines the positioning of the brand in the market and thus the stronger the positioning is, the greater is the impact in the mind of the customer. Thus over a period of time this impact generates the brand command.

In today’s highly competitive and informative world where customer is considered as the only king, brand command is achieved from customer’s trust, which in turn is generated by brand re-purchase, for which the quality of the brand also plays an important role.

An example for brand command is the impact that Saffola oil has created in the edible oil market. This particular product was positioned as healthy oil for human heart and over the years it has gained entry into the heart of Indian women and through it into every Indian kitchen.


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